Story in JMC P5 BBQ with MS32

This is one of my classmate photo in matriculation.

22 March 2017. 
Today, we had the bbq since only several weeks left before matriculation ends. It is quite difficult to us to admit it. I felt like yesterday was the first sem. Yah, like having first met with new friends since I came here. How time flies. In 10 months, I've got many experienced from friends, lect. Lol, sometimes, I felt they annoyed me. It's really pissed me off. I just wanna share you something. This week, we have many things to do such as preparation for pspm 2, final english project. Oh ya, before I forgot. Our class will be doing english project and it is memorylandddd!. How excited! Ms. Sheeda, you're such a creative teacher ever. And the most important thing was her effort to make our bond strong. At first met of us, we did "speed dating". This program was actually to know each of the person. Manalah tahu masa first impression dah ada sakit hati hati. And masa tulah kau tanyalah dia blablabla. Intro macam tu. And our final week, we will be presenting the memoryland project from first semester. 

I do remember Pn rahimah said "10 bulan yang perit untuk masa depan yang panjang." This word really gave the deep meaning. I will do my best in final. I hope all my readers do pray for me and may God ease all of us. Bye. Good night. Can't wait for tomorrow. Esok balik bermalam yowww.

Last teen

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Last teen in this year. I am too old. huaaaaaaa T.T

Birthday saya dah lepas hikhok bulan jan yang lalu. Baby jan. Who's baby jan? Kita geng. Makin kita meningkat umur, makin banyak kena fikir. Yes, itu betul. How time flies. Masa lalu jauh kebelakang. Banyak kenangan terindah telah dicoretkan dalam sebuah kehidupan menjadi pelangi. Dari tadika sampai sekarang. Rasa nak nangis. lol sebab rindu my old circles. Sekarang nak jumpa schoolmates memang susah. yela dorangkan study, semua study and cuti pun tak sama. However, hidup tetap kena diteruskan.