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"Road isn't just a road but it is called as destination."

Sambungannya pada part 4. Last ayat tu aku cakap aku malas nak taip sebab demam kan? hahah bukan main panjang demamnya. Okay now aku betul-betul free. Memang kerja hadap laptop. Munking lepas ni main coding gitu, nak tukar appearance blog sikit. Aku tengok blog ni macam sakit, pale je colour. hahaha. Hey readers, jangan baca part ni dulu. Kena baca part mula-mula dulu. Janganlah baca cerita separuh jalan. Rules in my blog. agagagaga. Tak ikut, aku ada cctv dekat blog. Okay terserah korang lah.

Yes, she is truly idol in our classmate before she headed to Terengganu. It was a big contribute, Mun. Dah nak last performed baik punya. After Ko-k week, we focused on studies before PSPM 1. During that time, aku dengar ada orang pindah but they didn't tell me. Cuma aku hairan, why should hide it from me? Benda betul patut diberitahu. Aku ni bukan jenis suka nak sebarkan dekat semua orang. Agak terasa lah aku masa tu but nvm. Aku malas nak layan. I got the hint since Mizan posted the picture and he circled Mun's face. Then added sad emoji. I'm still wondering why he put that emoji. One of my classmates warned him not to tell anything. Okay just let the game starts. haha. 

I decided to start study week with my gang at Masjid. We're seven studies together from morning until evening. Within the study week, I suddenly saw a guy entered in the masjid and he was my crush before. So sad I didn't confess to him and hate him after saw him took a photo together with his fans in annual dinner. How broke my heart. Forget about my crush! At evening, we ate together in Cafe CD. The moment we laughed and shared everything during that time. In study week, Mun came to the Balai Ilmu to see all of us before the day she left in KMJ. Then, she told me she will move to Terengganu because she got programming course in Politeknik. I don't pretend shock, haha. Just a little bit sad because one of my friends will not complete in MS 32. Thank you, Mun, for everything until semester 2. You're the best listener. 

I think I've shared about her perception at my first sight. *After few seconds* No, I haven't. The first sight, I knew she's a friend of Farisha (Fish) before the class reshuffled. She's really arrogant and didn't even say hi to me. Haha, I got a little shock when she was the same class with me. It is questioned me why she is same class with me. The speed dating starts everything before we got to know each other. Mun is the second person I got to know. The first person is Ain. 

During the speed dating, I don't want to say bad words because I don't know her well. Hahaha. So, I asked her if she's a shy girl instead of "Are you an arrogant people?". Hahaha. Then, she said she is shy and need time to adapt the new friends. I nodded like a boss. Hahaha. Then, we shared together our birthday. Surprisingly, we're in the same month !!! January. Really want to cry. She said she loves to travel and suggest me to go Ledang since I came from Selangor. She promoted lah Johor. hehe. I wish we can travel together in 10 years. 

The day before she left, we took photos together. I miss you lah, Mun. Later, I share the photos we took. We're seven together and Mizan took photos around Balai Ilmu. Actually, Mizan isn't one of Sevens' members. Nevermind, if he wanna join us. Next day, it will be the last for her to stay in KMJ. We just continued our studies as usual in Masjid. In study week, our class had a conflict between other groups of my classmates. One of their groups told us being "berpuak". We're not. They are the real one "berpuak.". They did the study group with Physics lecturer without getting us know. They act "nak berjaya sorang-sorang.". Whenever we went to our Physics lecturer's place, it's full. No chance for us to have a consultation with our teacher. We went back to our usual place, Masjid. Full of sad! They just pissed me off.

The last day for Mun to stay in KMJ and she visited us in Masjid. She said her parents on their own way in KMJ. As a girl, they will be crying because of loss of one friend. Except me. I didn't cry and keep it inside of my four chambers of my heart. We took photos again and again for memories. After several hours, her parents came and parked their car in front of the masjid. My heart is feeling like a falling of waterfalls. Cannot describe anything. I saw some of her friends or roommates were coming where their parents parked at. Then, I give her the flower origami papers to her and the card before she left. She started to cry and I just can't see my friend is crying like that. I just looked at the grass while waiting for my other friends hugged her. After had a simple conversation with their parents and they headed to home.

The car isn't longer to see anymore...

Then, my friend sobbed on the road. I don't know how to make her calm and just give the silent treatment. Everyone cannot continue their studies because of her leave, We keep all of our stuff and going back to the room. If I'm not mistaken. There's a lot thing to remembered. Hahaha. The next day, they still emotional of what just happened yesterday. They were crying in the Masjid. After day by day, they can get along what just happened. As we studied, one of the "puak" group came towards us. We just feel weird of her existence. Waktu group aku study dengan kumpulan lain. Perempuan ni pun cakaplah, "Guys, I wanna tell you something.". Kitaorang pun tunggulah dia nak cakap apa. Bunyi macam serius sangat. Then, salah sorang dari group study week aku tu suruh dia cakaplah. Dia pun be like.. "Tak kan nak cerita ada orang kot.". Then, group lain tu pun blah kejap nak bagi dia peluang cakap benda "penting" sangat tu.

Then, she starts talking that my gang is like "berpuak". Wait, think before you speak out. Yang berpuak tu korang. Bukan kitaorang. Kau boleh ke study kalau dah ramai-ramai sebelum nak cakap kitaorang berpuak. Cakap je la melayu dengan kitaorang, kitaorg ni bukannya oran British pun. Then, kau melarat cakap tak bagitahu bila Mun pergi. Excuse me, bukan kitaorg nak sembah kau. You should ask Mun lah. Aku pun tak tahu dia nak pergi bila. Don't blame us not telling you when she's gone. Anggaplah tiada rezeki nak jumpa dia. Bagi aku tak ada hal kalau kau nak jumpa Mun, lagipun korang duduk area Johor kan. Dia ni salahkan kitaorang lagi, sebab kitaorang, dorang tak dapat jumpa Mun. Jangan nak berdrama lah kawan. Masa dalam kelas pun bukannya kisah pun pasal Mun tu, dah nak akhir baru nak terhegeh-hegeh. Siapa je tak panas bila salahkan orang lain. Aku yang tak bersalah pun kena. Kalau nak sembur orang biarlah kena tepat kak.

Ingatkan dapatlah tenangkan jiwa, rupanya tak. Rasa nak je tampar muka kau tu. Dari awal masuk kelas lagi aku perhati kau. Moga berubahlah wahai hamba Allah. Hamba Allah ni pun ada kaitan dengan Chain Letter untuk subjek BI. Nanti aku cerita part lain.

Habis seminggu study week, kami menjalani PSPM 1. Alhamdulilah, semua masih kekal jumlah pelajar dalam kelas tu. Walaupun aku bukan dekan tapi aku bersyukur aku tak dicampakkan ke PDT. Lain orang lain cara dia bersyukur. Ada yang dapat 3.7 but still sedih sebab tak dapat 4.00.

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