Islamic Fighter.

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During this time you know “Zombie” in Hollywood movies or games either on a computer or smartphone introduced by the Western world as a creepy undead who do not have heart or mind and ardent consuming animate human or living creature.

In fact, Zombie likened or depicted as evil creatures who must be exterminated or resisted. Illustrates the non-Muslims as undead zombies who do not have the slightest kindness.

However, you’ll be surprised, it turns Zombie is Islam fighters in the region of South America, specifically in Brazil.

Here, the truth, the history of the Zombie ‘The Hero of Islam’ which quotation from the writings of Jihad al-Turbanli titled “Miatu min Udzoma ‘Ummah al-Islam Ghoiru Majro at-Date.”

Zombie is the commander of the Muslim army valiant who contributed to spread of Islam in the land of Samba. In fact, gradually, Zombie together with the local Ulama successfully establish a Daulah Islamiyah in Brazil.

In the sixteenth century, precisely around 1550 AD, Islam began to enter Brazil. At that time, the Portuguese incorporate African slaves to the coffee-producing countries such as workers in the sugar cane plantation workers. The majority of African slaves were Muslims so that since then a lot of Muslims and Muslim women living in Brazil.

Day by day, the number of Muslims in Brazil more and more. In addition to migrants, indigenous peoples also started flocking to Islam, being a new convert. Status strata of Muslims became more powerful, not only work as sugar cane workers.

When the position of Islam in Brazil rose, the Crusaders and the Crusader forces kill scholars and disseminators of Islam and destroy Islamic culture in Brazil. Crusaders sought to destroy Islam up by the roots. And they consider their program successfully. Islam has disappeared in South America.

In an alarming condition destruction of Islamic civilization in Brazil in 1643 ago, came the Islamic fighters. With the spirit of enforcing Islamic law, Zombie declare the establishment of an Islamic state in Brazil after preaching as well as the symbols of Islam to various parts of the territory of Brazil.

Additionally, Zombie also invite leaders and leaders in remote areas to convert to Islam (converts).

Crusaders soldiers who thought Islam in Brazil has been destroyed, instantly snapped up. Islam apparently not dead in the country’s famous football. Zombie revive and preserve the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad in the Earth Brazil.

Therefore, the Crusaders together with the Crusaders immediately make Zombie as a target killing. Knowing the extraordinary development of Islam, the Portuguese launched a battle to the small developing countries in the Americas.

However the greatness of God’s power SWT- Zombie together Muslims Brazil in their first battle defeated the invaders to developing broad is their territory.

In fact, Zombie also can conquer the 20 regions in the state of Bahi in Brazil. Then, continue the Islamic state was taken away Brazil until approximately 50 years.

Black Muslim struggle against imperialism continues until the Portuguese empire were plugging their influence to quell the growing Islamic development.

Then later Imperial Navy in Europe to help the Portuguese in the burned seeds of the Islamic Revolution in 1695 AD. Until, the Islamic fighters fall one by one and Imperialist increasingly fly the flag of their power in the land of Brazil.

And apparently, Zombie is not just an enemy at that time. His name was also distorted the facts in this modern age.

Western colonizers tried to spread the face (image) Zombie because they fear the emergence of a figure like a zombie in the South American continent.

Citizens of the world were forced to fear the Zombie depictions displayed by the enemies of Islam as being a destroyer, skinny and ugly.

In fact, the truth of the imperialists want to come back to destroy the history of the rise of Islamization that has flourished in this world, as they destroy Islam in Brazil at that time.

Ferro Maulana -

Source: Tumblr.

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